Hardware Procurement and Installation

Buying IT equipment can be very expensive when you get it wrong. Operating systems that don’t work on some networks; Anti-virus software that don’t work with email systems, backup systems that actually don’t provide any real protection, the list goes on! We have seen it all before, and we know what works, which saves you time and money. 

We have partnerships with several major suppliers including Microsoft, Symantec, HP, and Dell to name a few. This allows us to offer competitive pricing and also allows our experienced Computer Technicians to liaise directly with our suppliers and assist you with the installation and configuration of all components.

All in all – a wider range for you to choose your equipment with even better pricing than before. 

Service Agreement

Ongoing Support of the provided solution ensures your peace of mind.

While our provided systems have an excellent record of reliability, the complex environment in which they operate with connection to different environments and their various services as well as the interaction in some cases with software applications and your data environment, means an annual service agreement represents an investment in your peace of mind.

Managed Solutions has established a service structure to ensure that your system and peripherals operate to their optimum level, efficiently and economically – ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. We offer a full on-site service agreement to ensure your system and peripherals operate at optimum performance. Service is carried out on-site by fully trained technicians and may include any faulty parts replacement and all labor. Integral to the service agreement is a remote access capability (whenever possible) which means that any system changes you may wish to make are therefore only a phone call away.

If you decide not to enter into a service contract with us, your system will still be covered by our 3 year equipment warranty (dependant upon the warranty selected by you) but you will still be liable for the cost of labour in the unlikely case of any problem. Without a service agreement, Managed Solutions may not be able to respond immediately to your call because our technicians may be already committed to other customer projects. However our customers with service agreements have guaranteed service response times so downtime can be minimized. 

Please note that some products will not be sold without an ongoing service agreement. 

What you get with your service agreement: 

Downtime is kept to a minimum

On-site support by a fully qualified technician

Faulty hardware replacement

Guaranteed service response time

Your technician is only one phone call away

For more information, please view our Terms and Conditions.